Liz Carr plays Meg wearing a pink cardigan, white checked shirt and grey trousers with arms folded in her wheelchair smiling knowingly.

It’s finally happened! My monologue THE REAL DEAL, which stars the fabulous Liz Carr (Silent Witness, Infinite) and directed by the wonderful Ewan Marshall, is now available as part of the CripTales season on BBC America.

The series has been curated by brilliant actor, writer and disability campaigner Mat Fraser who gave me the opportunity to contribute to this series of six monologues (we wrote and shot these pre-Covid when the monologue was as rare as a politician telling the truth!) all written, directed and performed by disabled people. Brilliant.

My fellow writers are a stellar line-up too: Jack Thorne, Matilda Ibini, Jackie Hagan, Genevieve Barr and Mat Fraser. What a gang!

CripTales is part of the Visibility Collection in America (and the episodes are free-to-view until the end of October after the premiere on 1st October 2020.

We’re still waiting to know when they’ll be shown in the UK but it shouldn’t be too long!

Meanwhile if you’re in the US or want to tell friends or family then why not give the series a watch and let me know what you think?

Here’s what they say on the website about my episode: “Meg is trying to catch sight of a man whom she thinks is a benefits cheat. Unexpectedly, he forges a friendship with her and encourages her to claim more benefits for herself. A dark and witty tale set against the benefits system in the U.K.“

What are you waiting for?!

CripTales on BBC America