Windy Old Fossils

 Elderly siblings, Ted and Lizzie, huddle in their Shropshire cottage with nothing but the winter wind for company. As the weather gets colder, their electricity keeps blacking out and they begin to go to desperate and often humorous lengths to keep warm. Windy Old Fossils is a black comedy about age, energy and isolation.

Written for the 2014 inaugural Pentabus Young Writers’ Festival, Tom’s darkly comic two-handler about fuel poverty struck a definite chord with audiences.

The play was first performed by Pentabus Theatre Company as part of

The Young Writers’ Festival 2014 at The Charlton Arms, Ludlow

1st – 5th July 2014  

Lizzie Joanna Bacon

Ted Ian Barritt

  Director – Elizabeth Freestone

Designer – Neil Irish

Lighting Designer – Elanor Higgins

Sound Designer – Fergus O’Hare


Windy Old Fossils is published by Fair Acre Press and is available from your local independent book shop or Amazon

“Tom’s a generous writer. In Windy Old Fossils he gives the actors lines they can ring every drop of comedy and tragedy from. He gives the creative team images and suggestions that can be interpreted literally and theatrically as they wish. And he gives the audience an intriguing and accessible story that delivers what it promises, and much more.”

Elizabeth Freestone Director

Production photography: Robert Workman